What To Eat To Boost Your Immunity

It’s that time of year when everyone seems to be picking up pesky colds and sniffles. So I’m trying to be a little more mindful of the foods that we are eating in the hope of boosting our immune systems to avoid those sneezes.

I knew we needed a whole lot of vitamin C, and garlic is always an immune boosting star, but after a bit of research today I’ve unearthed some surprising members of the immunity protection club. Like is it just me or is yoghurt the last thing you’d think to add to your immunity boosting shopping list?

Let’s be honest looking after yourself sometimes feels a bit like hard work. I mean it’s totally worth it but the prospect of piles of oranges soon gets old. As the nights start drawing in I’m often tempted to pull on a jumper and have a cosy threesome with a cup of tea and a bar of chocolate.

Which brings me to my favourite healthy discovery of the day. Are you ready for this? Tea and chocolate are in fact immune system supporters. Really and truly they are. Cross my heart.

This immunity boosting malarky just got interesting. So read on and eat yourself better.


This was a real surprise to me but it makes so much sense. You see yoghurt is packed with probiotics, which are, quite frankly, awesome for general immune system boosting.

I’m thinking a lovely breakfast of natural yoghurt, fresh berries and an unctuous drizzle of runny honey to deliver a massive blast of healthy goodness.


While this ingredient is well known to many of us for it’s antibacterial properties I couldn’t resist including it here as it’s one of my all time top favourite foods ever.

I will merrily be adding a few extra cloves here, there and everywhere. I hope nobody in my house is planning a romantic exchange any time soon.


A perfectly ripe mango might just be the biggest fruity treat I could wish for. The fact that these sunset painted beauties are so darn good for us is almost too good to be true.

If you devour a mango today you could be getting up to 2/3 of your daily vitamin C dose. Yesss!


Another fruity delight, which will help fight off the coughs and colds is the emerald green kiwi fruit. My kids will happily scoff these, skin and all, but I’m partial to whizzing them into a smoothie with oranges and bananas.


I’ve saved my favourite immunity stars for last. I do love a good old cup of tea and I knew there were some health benefits to be had from sipping a brew.

What I hadn’t realised until today is that the antioxidants in your cuppa are powerful enough to be effective against the flu virus.


There are 2 compelling facts I discovered about chocolate today: firstly it contains a fair whack of antioxidants, which are massively supportive to our immune systems; and secondly, cocoa contains an active ingredient which helps soothe a sore throat. Who knew?

And the bonus fact of the day is that you can still nibble on milk chocolate if you’re not a fan of it’s dark cousin. True, there won’t be as many antioxidants in milk choc, but they are undeniably in there.

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