Savoury French Toast 2 Ways

I definitely favour a savoury breakfast over a sweet one, especially at the weekend. I think it might stem from my deep and very true love of marmite on toast.

I’ve been enjoying French Toast for years but it was quite recently that I discovered the joy of devouring it in its savoury glory. Why did it take me so long?!

You can rustle up savoury french toast using a single slice of bread with some herbs or spices added to the egg mix and sprinkle generously with cheddar cheese, which will melt perfectly in the heat of the pan.

Or if you’re feeling seriously hungry why not sandwich up a double layer and fill with cheese and your favourite savoury delights. This version is a kind of french toast / cheese toastie hybrid.

For breakfast I tend to use cheddar for both the single and double decker versions. But if I’m going to serve the double decker for lunch I might choose mozzarella for it’s melted stretchy spectacle.

Single Decker French Toast

  • For each person crack one egg into a bowl and whisk with a little salt and pepper.
  • If you want to amp up your brekky add your choice of herbs or spices to the egg before whisking. I like: oregano and chill flakes; or cumin with chopped fresh coriander; or finely chopped chives; or basil, oregano and smoked paprika.
  • Put a frying pan on to heat up and add a small knob of butter. Dip your bread in the eggy mixture and turn over so that each side is soaked.
  • Pop your bread into the pan and cook for a few minutes.
  • Flip over and sprinkle with a little finely grated cheese. Cook the second side for a few minutes until golden brown. The cheese should melt nicely in the heat.
  • Serve immediately with a dash of chilli sauce if you like a little spice.

Double Decker French toast

  • For each person crack an egg into a bowl and whisk with a little salt and pepper. You could add any of the extras I mentioned in the single decker version above.
  • Heat a frying pan and melt a small knob of butter in it.
  • Take one slice of bread and dip one side in the eggy mixture, then pop it in your pan. Then layer on cheese slices, ham (I use vegan ham), spring onions, jalapenos, spinach, basil or chives.
  • Dip a second slice of bread in the eggy mix and place it eggy side up right on top of the slice in the pan. Squash it down a little to seal the sandwich.
  • After a few minutes flip the sandwich over and cook the second side until golden brown and the cheese in the centre is oozing and melted.

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